Dr. Kim Gillies

While studying Kinesiology at McMaster University Dr. Gillies’s interest in the human body developed.

Dr. Heather Pady

Dr. Heather Pady holds an honours Bachelor of Science degree in Human Physiology from the University of Western Ontario.

Dr. Brynne Stainsby

Dr. Brynne Stainsby originally studied Kinesiology at The University of Western Ontario…

Dr. Joseph Kawun

Dr. Joseph Kawun

Dr. Joseph Kawun is the newest member of the Village Chiropractic team…


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Our office has been open since May 1999 and has grown over the years to accommodate our patients.  Our most common compliment is that we make patients feel comfortable and we provide great service ~ something we take very seriously!  There are many techniques used in chiropractic care.

In our office we use manual and instrument adjusting techniques and we also offer Active Release Techniques, an effective soft tissue release technique to complement our chiropractic care.