I try to stay active, but sometimes my workouts become my last priority after work, getting the kids to school and their activities, and keeping up with things at home. Do you have any advice?

First and foremost – you’re not alone! We hear this so often, and as technology keeps evolving to help us, it’s actually making it more of a challenge to find ways to be active every day. Luckily, there are a number of small changes you can easily incorporate into your daily routine to improve your health.

We have all heard these suggestions before: take the stairs, ride your bike to work, park farther away or get off a stop early. They sound simple because they are. Small changes that allow you to be more active throughout the day are the most sustainable way to improve your health, and your life.

In fact, Dr. Mike Evans, a physician at St. Michael’s Hospital and professor at the University of Toronto, is launching the “Make Your Day Harder” campaign on June 11. It is a call to action to incorporate micro-changes into your daily routine. These little changes will add up to a huge health benefits over your lifetime, and help improve the quality of your life every day. Get active, and join the movement by posting about how you made your day harder on social media #MakeYourDayHarder.

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