What is the best thing to do if I have low back pain?

Low back pain affects most people throughout their lives, and is a leading cause of disability in Canada, and worldwide. It is one of the most common reasons patients visit physicians, doctors of chiropractic, and other health care providers. After a thorough examination, we will provide patients with a diagnosis, and evidence-based self-care strategies to manage your pain; most commonly, that will include advice to stay active. In the majority of cases, “motion is lotion” and moving within a comfortable range is the best thing for you. By remaining as active as possible, and moving into positions that relieve your pain, you can cope with your pain, and maintain your level of function.

While most people with low back pain will eventually get better within six weeks, a doctor of chiropractic can assist you by providing you with specific exercises based on your range of motion, pain tolerance, and individual goals. We can also let you know when further evaluation, consultations with other providers, or other treatments may be beneficial for your recovery. We will work with you to ensure that you are returning to your daily activities as quickly, and safely as possible.

In addition to helping you recover from your pain, exercise and remaining active is beneficial even when you are not feeling pain! A chiropractor can provide you with additional exercises to protect your spine and your health, and help to prevent future pain.