Dr. Kim GilliesWhile studying Kinesiology at McMaster University Dr. Gillies’s interest in the human body developed. From the beginning, the study of muscles, joints and motion captivated her. She was accepted into the Doctor of Chiropractic program and graduated as a chiropractor in 1998. Dr. Gillies started practicing in Mississauga but soon the draw of a smaller community with plenty of outdoor opportunities was too strong. She convinced her husband to move back to his hometown and took a leap of faith by opening her own clinic. Dr Gillies believes that was one of the best decisions of her life as she has learned so much from working with wonderful patients as well as other local health care providers. She is very proud that her “baby” has grown into a clinic with four full time chiropractors that is a great member of the community. Dr Gillies loves her work. She thrives from helping patients reduce pain, regain motion and strength as well as giving people the tools to maintain a healthy active lifestyle.

Dr. Gillies is a member of the Ontario and Canadian Chiropractic Associations. She is primarily a hands-on chiropractor, however she is certified in Activator and Graston, which are instrument-based treatment options. Dr. Gillies has been full body certified in Active Release Techniques since 1998 and was an instructor in that technique for five years.
Dr. Gillies has a strong love for the outdoors and endurance sport. When she came to Orangeville she enjoyed the extensive local trail systems while training for adventure races and marathons. Those pursuits led her to start and co-direct the Summer Solstice Trail Run for ten years. The run allowed her to give back to the community and share with others the enjoyment of trail running. Dr. Gillies is now a proud mother of two. You can regularly find her with her family on the trails, either running, biking or skiing.